My name is Kayvan. I am artist and data analyst. I believe arts, crafts, and sciences uplift the world of being and are conducive to its exaltation. My hope is to serve people by using both art and science.

I have studied advanced mathematics and computer science. I draw inspiration from the world around me--from the people in my life, from books, and especially from nature. Whether working with students in math and science, or in painting, my method is to work organically by letting the imagination run free to open new doors of creativity. Science adds so much to art, and artist applications of creativity are very useful in the sciences. This duality is at the root of the subjects in my painting.

My artistic style is uniquely my own, but it can be categorized somewhere on the spectrum between Realism and Lyrical Abstractionism. In my paintings, things are not always as they first appear. I use multiple layers so the observer continually sees new elements being revealed. I incorporate color and design in ways that strive to impact both the heart and mind. The ways that I play with space and formula, altering the very foundations upon which we understand them, are striking and at times unsettling. However, I stay grounded by remaining present to the natural world and recognizing beauty in what has arisen not by any hand but by the rhythms of the Earth itself.


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